About Us


Cascais Real Estate meets the needs of those who want to live, work or invest in Portugal.

Our services range from market research to support the decision making of real estate investing, to the monitoring and management of our clients’ interests in Portuguese territory.

However, the service scope does not end here because our host consultant will work with the client to understand his needs and seek the best solutions for living, working or investing in Portugal.

Cascais Real Estate was created to answer a set of questions that non-residents and foreigners face in managing their interests in Portugal whether to live, work or invest. To address this we assign to each customer, a consultant who works as a host in Portugal.

Although our calling and area of ​​expertise is real estate, we are not a real estate agent. We are impartial and we always seek the best solutions on the market to our clients’ needs, from properties management to rehabilitation or tax consultancy, among others.

Our team has worked for the past years in a variety of fields, such as marketing, promotion and rehabilitation of buildings and consultancy. In addition to our expertise, we are passionate about Portugal and believe in your future.

We have been assessing and managing investments in real estate in Portugal, more specifically in the Lisbon and Cascais areas for over a decade and today we put our knowledge and expertise to service our customers and investors.