Our management services for owners include:

  • Marketing of the property to our extensive portfolio of clients
  • Selective publicity
  • Screening of prospective tenants, buyers or clients
  • Maintenance Services for the property, upon prior budget approval

When designing a Residential Project, we must bear in mind that we are designing a product for the client/consumer market which has specific needs that must be taken into account to the utmost detail. Having gained a considerable experience in the segment we are positioned in, we are now able to support the Developers in all matters regarding their Projects.

Financial Viability Survey and support;

Lay out and typology definition according to the market demand;

Cooperating with Architects Offices for Project optimization;

Indoor arrangements (areas and room optimisation);

Finishings and equipment;

Economic survey and strategic advice for price definition during the Commercialisation;

Follow-up and quality survey of construction.

Besides the in-house knowledge and experience Cascais Real Estate posesses and is happy to share with its clients, we may introduce you to one of our partners, professional specialists in the field.